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This listing of Scottish Family History Societies is presented here courtesy of the TalkingScot discussion group. For a fully up-to-date version of this list you are encouraged to log on to TalkingScot at .

Scottish family history societies (FHS), especially the larger societies, have quite amazing range of resources available.  It is well worth spending a few pounds on a subscription to one or more of these FHSs, or at very least visiting their web-sites, if only to learn what resources they can offer for your particular areas of interest.

Those comments are not in any way meant to detract from what the smaller, more locally based FHSs can offer, - quite often they can offer access to a resource that is relatively insignificant on a national or area basis, but extremely significant if it matches your specific area of local interest.


Family History Societies in Scotland

Aberdeen & NE Scotland FHS

Lanarkshire FHS

Alloway and Southern Ayrshire FHS

Largs & North Ayrshire FHS

Borders FHS

Lothians FHS

Caithness FHS

Mull Genealogy

Central Scotland FHS

North Perthshire FHG

Dumfries & Galloway FHS

Orkney FHS

East Ayrshire FHS

Renfrewshire FHS

Fife FHS

Shetland FHS

Glasgow & West of Scotland FHS

Tay Valley FHS

Highland FHS

Troon & Ayrshire FHS

Islay FHS

West Lothian FHS

National Organisations

Scottish Association of FHS's

The Scottish Genealogy Society

The Society of Genealogists


FHSs outside Scotland with Scottish interests

Anglo-Scottish FHS

Northern Ireland FHS

Ross Genealogy is not endorsing these sites or their contents. They are listed as found.
Some of these websites operate on a pay-to-view basis. That is outwith the control of Ross Genealogy.


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