Lectures are available to cover the following subjects

  • Introduction to Scotland, Scottish History, Geography and Genealogical Records.
  • Scottish Statutory Birth Marriage and Death Records – summary (1 lecture).
  • Scottish Statutory Birth Marriage and Death Records, - with details (2 lectures).
  • Censuses in Scotland 1801 – 1901.
  • Old Parochial Registers and Non-Established Church Records.
  • Testamentary (wills) and Property Records.
  • Electronic and Web Access to Scottish Genealogical Records (either 1, 2 or 3 lectures in total depending on requirements).
  • General Scottish Archive Records: incl. Monumental Inscriptions, Directories, Newspapers, Local Archives, etc., etc.
  • Emigration Records; Bridging the Gap to a Scottish Ancestor; and Searching for Present Day Relations in Scotland.
  • Scottish Poor Relief Records
  • Occupational Sources in Scotland
  • Scottish Military Records
  • ScotlandsPeople.gov.uk Web Site
  • ScotlandsPeople Web Site - A Case Study
  • Scottish Statutory Death Certificates - An Underused Source
  • Occupational Sources for Genealogists in Scotland
  • Wildcards in Genealogical Research
  • Where Is It ?
  • Scottish Surnames and Given Names
  • Why Can't I find That Record ?
  • Scottish Newspapers as a Genealogical Research

For further details see below.

Other lectures can be put together on a “mix and match” basis”, or can be specially formulated according to specific requirements.

In addition, an on-line demonstration session to scotlandspeople (the successor site to Scots Origins) is available. Depending on the number participating and the number of queries, this can take up to 3 hours. 

Terms and Conditions

These vary according to the location and other engagements on the same trip in the locality or the country involved.

For further details for your requirements, please e-mail David Webster on    david.webster@rossgenealogy.co.uk

Equipment Requirements

The organisers must supply at no cost a computer projector suitable for linking up to my modern laptop, as my format for presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint. If a white wall is available in the lecture room, that will normally suffice, otherwise a large screen is required.

For the seminar involving the on-line session to Scottish Origins, the organisers must supply at no cost a telephone line connection for the duration of the seminar.

Detailed Lecture Contents

Lecture Testimonials


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