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For your Scottish ancestors please supply the following. The more of the information that can be supplied, the more we will be able to help you (note, some of the information is still of value even if the events took place outside Scotland).

Name of your ancestor from Scotland:


Given (Christian) Names
Date of Birth
(or Christening)

Place (parish) of Birth

Parents' Names

Date & place of marriage of ancestor
Christian Names (and maiden name of wife) of wife/husband
Date and place of death
Christian names and dates and places of birth of children (even if outside Scotland, very particular naming patterns were widely used at one time).
Parishes and places in general associated with ancestor and his/her families.
Place and/or address where ancestor owned property in Scotland.
Trade or profession of ancestor as well as of parents.
Christian names of brothers and sisters of ancestor
Married surnames of sisters/aunts of ancestor
Any other information that might just possibly be of use.

Checklist of Research Experience

I have previously used the following resources in my Scottish family history research.

(Please check all that apply.)

   www.scotlandspeople.gov.ukOrdnance Survey maps (scale 6 inches = 1 mile)

   LDS/GSU records on line or at LDS Family History Centres

   Scottish church records on microfilm

   1841 to 1901 Scottish census records

   Scottish testaments and wills

   Registry of Deeds

I have successfully identified my ancestors’ place of origin in Scotland down to the level of:

(Please check all that apply.)

   the town, parish, or village.

   the county –

Please specify which counties:

Scotland only

The religion of my Scottish ancestors was: (Please check all that apply.)

   Church of Scotland


   Roman Catholic




   Other – Please specify:

I have travelled to Scotland to do family history research.    Yes

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Previous Research Commissioned in Scotland

If you have previously commissioned research in Scotland, then please e-mail a copy of the research report to Ross Genealogy at David W Webster


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